Dr. Duncan DC

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I have completed my contract for the United States Navy in Mayport Florida, joined the Utah Air National Guard enjoyed private practice for 8 years and couldn’t stay away from serving our service men and women.  Although I have enjoyed private practice I am currently back in a hospital. I now work full time at the Salt Lake City VA Health Care System

I can be reached by email at duncan.chiro@gmail.com .

As a chiropractor I treat people: Chronic Pain, Pregnancy Support, Auto Accident, Work Injury, Sports Medicine, and more.

Your body is designed to move. Chiropractic facilitates that design. You can develop painful symptoms when that design is inhibited. When we improve your function, your symptoms also improve. Whether it be headaches, low back pain, or you just want to improve your life; I’m here to support your movement.

I work with many healthcare providers. I believe that your care is the most important thing in my practice.  If you need additional care complimentary to your chiropractic treatment I’ll recommend someone.  If I don’t already know a provider that meets your needs then I need to meet a new colleague.

Our Servicemen and Women Perform in Uniquely Challenging Circumstances, and They Deserve Our Best.

 Those who serve our country in the United States Armed Forces put their life on the line for us.  In the past many have been forced to take medical discharges for back pain issues. Chiropractic is a proven treatment and often an alternative to surgery.  With chiropractic care now available to them in many areas they can take advantage of this great option.  If you are currently serving or a veteran living with pain please give me a call.  I may be able to help.