I Recommend

So many people ask me, “Do you know a good _________?”  The answer is YES, and here is their information.

Childbirth Support and Education

 –  Melissa Mayo CPM, LDEM  has been delivering babies for two generations and still continues to be absolutely committed to each birth she attends. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother who is loved well by family and clients alike. She always gives individual, relationship-based care. She has a great sense of humor and can provide laughter and sensitivity at all the right levels for the jostling journey that motherhood can be. Her experience, personality, and whole-hearted investment in people, give our clients the very best midwifery has to offer. Her office is here in Sandy, Utah just around the corner from us here at Utah Spinal Care.

Web Hosting

Blue Sun Hosting hosts this site.  Jonathan Duncan gave me a great deal, was personable, and willing to work with me.  That may just be because he’s my brother, but his website lists other sites he hosts and it is quite an impressive list, check it out for yourself.


 – Mitchell Health & Wellness  Here at Utah Spinal Care wellness is a focus, and we know that there are others out there that you can benefit from. Because we don’t do specific nutrition counciling we will often refer to specialist for that. Jacquelyn Mitchell is one of those people trained and focused on that area of your health. She will focus on educating you on key topics including; Nutrition, Exercise, Fitness, Body Functions, Mindset, and more. Her plans, programs, and tools are designed to help you achieve the level of Health & Wellness that you desire.

I’m looking, but as yet I don’t know a good local…

Health Supply store, OB, Mechanic, Attorney, Dentist, Restaurant, Plumber, Real Estate Agent, Hair Dresser, and many others

…If you know of one please let me know, I’ll interview them and check them out.  I don’t put anyone on here that I haven’t spoken with and checked out personally.

Out of Office