Performance Artists

Performing Artists are the Neglected Athletes.   They practice for hours every day, and often have to perform more complicated physical feats than regular athletes, but they don’t get nearly the support that athletes get. A good chiropractor can help them achieve that extra little bit that they need to perform at their best.

Musicians, dancers, actors and singers rehearse as often and as intensely as college football players.  It’s true that most violinists don’t run head first into someone time after time, as such you don’t see as many concussions in artists.  There are some with the dancers, and actors, but as a whole, artists are more likely to see Repetitive Stress Injuries from practicing the same fine motor skills over and over again.  Especially if they are not using proper motion technique.

When elite athletes such as Tiger woods, or Lance Armstrong visit their chiropractor it’s not always for an “injury.”  People who use their body in that way are more aware of its performance.  When any little thing is not right they will not perform their best.  They want that extra meter, or that extra second out of their body.  The same is true of performance artists.  They know when things just aren’t working at their peak.

Injuries also plague performers just as they do  athletes, and just as with athletes these injuries can jeopardize a career.  Chiropractic can give you that extra breath, or the movement that you want.  It can be that little extra boost to your function that you need to be your best.  It can also help you recover from those painful injuries that keep you from performing.

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