More Info

There is always more info out there.

I don’t claim to have all knowledge on all things chiropractic.  There are quite a few great sites out there.  Some are good, and some are bad.  I try to get my information from the source, but I’ll let you decide.  Here are some of the common health care links and resources that I use.

ACA – The American Chiropractic Association website for doctors. ACA for the public

Commission Chiropractors – A site seeking to have chiropractors commissioned in the US military.

Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association – This is my state board.

Spine – The international journal

Chiropractic Action Center – This is the ACA’s (American Chiropractic Association) political action site.

Google Scholar – Great site for research (WARNING: Not all research is quality).

Pregnancy – I already have a page with useful links regarding pregnancy this will take you there.

Performance Artists – I already have a page with useful links regarding performers this will take you there.

University of Utah Library – I hope I never stop learning. It’s also nice to have access to a medical library

UWS – University of Western States, my Alma Mater

Medline Plus – Medical Dictionary sponsored by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health. Also includes a medical encyclopedia, drug reference, etc.

NCAM – National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

Chiropractic Manipulation Guidelines – From the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards regarding High-velocity, low amplitude spinal adjusting / manipulation performance: Minimum criteria for safety and adequate competence. (WARNING: very scientific/unintelligible language)

Spine Universe – A great informational site for research as well as products.

I have many other interests beyond chiropractic. The links below are random.

Real Clear Politics – I like politics, and this is a fair site with news on both sides of the aisle.

American Solutions – I really like this site. It is not for democrats or republicans, but for Americans.

FIFA – I’m a soccer nut.

Engadget – I’m a computer geek. This site just has all the latest gadgets.

Snopes – You know those forwarded emails you always get with some outrageous claim. -debunked here-

If you know of a great site please leave a comment and don’t forget to post the URL.

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