New York Yankees & Chiropractic

by Michael Dorausch, DC
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The New York Yankees and chiropractic have been in the news the past few weeks thanks to major-league baseball player Johnny Damon. In most recent news, the New York Times reported earlier this week that the Yankees would be hiring a team chiropractor, apparently on the advice of Johnny Damon.

New York Yankees Johnny DamonThere were several articles circulating in the news about Johnny Damon and the chiropractic care he has been receiving in Orlando, Florida. According to Damon, his chiropractor is amazing. The New York Yankees center field ballplayer hopes his chiropractic care will translate into better results on the field, not only for himself, but for his team.

This wouldn’t be the first time the New York Yankees have utilized the team chiropractor. Back in May of 1934, a magazine from the National Chiropractic Association featured a front-page photo of New York Yankees team chiropractor (Dr. Painter) working with a ballplayer, with Babe Ruth watching on. I don’t know if there’s any truth of this, but I once heard that at the time, the New York Yankees asked the New York Daily News to keep quiet about the Yankees having a team chiropractor, which was from the 1920s to the 1930s. Apparently, they wanted to maintain a competitive edge by keeping the chiropractic care a secret. Perhaps coincidentally, the Yankees recorded their best season ever (1927 – World Champions) and won four World Championships (1923, 1927-1928, 1932) during the time of Dr. Erie Painter, chiropractor.

According to various news reports, Johnny Damon has not spent a single day on baseball’s disabled list during his lengthy playing career.  You can visit the official Johnny Damon web site at to view his bio, long list of awards and records, as well as some very impressive statistics.

PLAY BALL! Chiropractic Adjustments Keep Boston Red Sox Organization Physically Fit Throughout the Baseball Season


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Thanks to an integrated medical team of orthopedists and internists, certified athletic trainers, chiropractors, massage and physical therapists, the Boston Red Sox organization actively practices injury prevention in anticipation of a winning season in 2007. Competing at an exceptionally high level, both players and staff cover all their bases when it comes to maintaining optimal health, with chiropractic adjustments contributing to the overall fitness of the organization.

According to Michael D. Weinman, DC, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) and a member of the medical team who provides chiropractic care for three to four hours prior to the first pitch of about two-thirds of all home games, When the bodys joints, muscles and nerves are well-conditioned, a player performs at the top of his game and is able to stave off nagging injuries. Chiropractic adjustments enhance physical health and promote top performance.

Jim Rowe, a certified athletic trainer who has served as head team trainer and is currently the medical operations coordinator for the past two years for the Boston Red Sox explains, Chiropractic care is part of the overall healthcare approach and provides yet another service to our players. Dr. Weinman does not do everything — but what he does, he does best. We intend to continue offering this service which is valued by active team members of every age.

With a demanding schedule that includes seven weeks of spring training, 162 games, and potentially weeks of play-off games or a World Series, Rowe cites the importance of keeping players in top physical condition for every game as well as between games.

Once the season gets into swing, players are traveling on late night flights, falling asleep on a bus or airplane, or sleeping in different hotel beds, says Rowe. Rowe has worked in the Minor Leagues with the Milwaukee Brewers for five years, then one year in Pawtucket, then 11 years as head trainer for the Boston Red Sox before becoming their medical operations coordinator. This type of schedule takes a toll on the body, and chiropractic adjustments help across-the-board. We find that chiropractic adjustments can play an important role in injury prevention and can be effective for acute injuries as well as in-between games.

Dr. Weinman, a member of The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of the benefits of chiropractic, adds, A baseball players body is put to the test both on and off the field. Given these intense physical demands, accompanied by the pressure to win, players value an integrated medical approach that includes chiropractic adjustments.

He says that the most common problems among baseball players are rotator cuff injuries, neck, mid-back and lower back conditions, as well as hamstring pulls, which occur from running full out from a standstill position.

Chiropractors would adjust the involved joint to keep it mobile, reduce inflammation and break-up adhesions, explains Dr. Weinman. With the Red Sox I get to work with physical therapists, trainers and strength and conditioning staff, to provide the best care and to maintain the highest level of health and wellness for all the athletes and staff.

Literature Review Shows Spinal Manipulation Beneficial For Neck Pain

American Chiropractic Association Article
03 May 2007

A new literature review finds evidence that patients with chronic neck pain enrolled in clinical trials reported significant improvement following chiropractic spinal manipulation, according to a March/April 2007 report in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT).

According to Howard Vernon, DC, PhD, the review’s chief author, “The results of the literature review confirm the common clinical experience of doctors of chiropractic: neck manipulation is beneficial for patients with certain forms of chronic neck pain.”

As part of the literature review, Dr. Vernon and his colleagues reviewed nine previously published trials and found “high-quality evidence” that patients with chronic neck pain showed significant pain-level improvements following spinal manipulation. No trial group was reported to remain unchanged, and all groups showed positive changes up to 12 weeks post treatment. No trial reported any serious adverse effects.

This literature review did not include studies involving patients with acute neck pain, neck and arm pain, neck pain due to whiplash, or those with headaches. In this review, chronic neck pain was defined as being a minimum of 8 weeks duration.

Researchers also found that mobilization therapy was beneficial in improving patients’ pain levels, with many achieving full recovery after six to seven weeks of treatment; however, the current evidence did not support a similar level of benefit from massage therapy.

Neck pain is a very common complaint – approximately 15 percent of women and 10 percent of men are estimated to have chronic neck pain at any one time. According to a report issued by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, 18 percent of chiropractic patients list neck pain as their chief complaint.

Spinal manipulation, commonly referred to as a chiropractic adjustment, is the main therapeutic procedure performed by doctors of chiropractic. The purpose of manipulation is to restore joint mobility by manually applying a controlled force into joints that have become hypomobile.

Chiropractors practice a hands-on, drug-free approach to health care that includes patient examination, diagnosis and treatment. Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest non-invasive therapies available for the treatment of back pain, neck pain, headaches and other neuromusculoskeletal complaints. In addition, a significant amount of evidence shows that the use of chiropractic care for certain conditions can be more effective and less costly than traditional medical care.

The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT), the premier biomedical publication in the chiropractic profession and the official scientific journal of the American Chiropractic Association, provides the latest information on current research developments, as well as clinically oriented research and practical information for use in clinical settings.

Chiropractic for Military Personnel

Christopher Duncan DC
March 2007

With the recent inadequacies found within the military healthcare system and Walter Reed Hospital, there have been many attempts to determine how far the lack of care for our soldiers goes. According to a 2006 report by the Veterans Administration, “42.7 percent of veterans who sought VA health care after returning from duty in the Middle East or Southwest Asia were diagnosed with a musculoskeletal condition…making it the most common diagnosis among the subject population.” This diagnosis is understandable when considering that these soldiers stand, march, and run around in combat zones wearing, at times, over 80 pounds of gear. That additional weight adds extreme stress and strain on the back and on the body over all.

The Department of Defense (DoD) has done research and determined the most cost effective and efficacious method of treating these conditions. Yet the DoD does not make it available to the soldiers deployed overseas, and stateside its use is limited if even possible to receive when they return home. This treatment is Chiropractic. Chiropractic care has been shown to be extremely effective in treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. As far back as 1986 research done by the DoD has shown the efficacy of chiropractic in regard to musculoskeletal conditions, the number one complaint of returning soldiers.

The research was so conclusive that in 2001 the National Defense Authorization Act replaced the demonstration program. According to the Tricare (the DoD health insurance company) website, “Chiropractic care became a permanent benefit for active duty at designated sites on October 1, 2001. The Chiropractic Care Program is currently available at 42 Military Treatment Facilities.” The website also lists a total of 236 treatment facilities. That means that there are 194 facilities where returning soldiers cannot receive this proven and cost effective treatment for their number one health care complaint.

Utah soldiers do not really have the option. Those preparing to mobilize, returning home, and those stationed here receive treatment at Hill Air Force Base Medical Facility. The closest authorized chiropractic facility for our fighting forces in Utah would be in Colorado over an 8 hour drive. These soldiers are not left without care, according to Tricare soldiers, family members, and non-active duty personnel, “…may seek chiropractic care in the local community at their own expense,” because, “Chiropractic care received outside of the designated locations is not covered under the Chiropractic Care Program.”

Due to the nature of their work and for force security many of our Special Forces troops can’t reveal their identity. One such is a veteran of the war in Afganistan. He is a Staff Sgt. and served in Afganistan from 2001 to 2002. The US Military does an excellent job of making sure that all their soldiers are in peak condition because a unit can only move as well as its slowest component. When asked about his training he said, “We train hard, and we’re in good shape.” However even these soldiers after all that training can get injured, especially when they are carrying their daily load of 150 pounds with ammo. When asked if he and others in his unit suffered any musculoskeletal injuries his response was, “oh yeah, but we don’t complain.” This soldier never received treatment for his back and knee injuries from the military. When he came home they were bad enough that he sought chiropractic care at ALIGN Rehab and Wellness Center, a local Provo based clinic. Because the military doesn’t cover chiropractic outside of the designated locations, he had to pay out of his own pocket.

Dr. Christopher Duncan, a chiropractor at ALIGN where this soldier was treated, comments on the injuries that are seen with these returning soldiers and the success that they have had with chiropractic treatment. “Most of the injuries that we see are overloading or repetitive stress injuries. These types of problems are the bread and butter of chiropractic. It’s what we do. We have seen a great success with the soldiers who come to us with these problems. In fact these soldiers are in such good shape beforehand that their recovery if not delayed is faster than normal. It really is a shame that Tricare doesn’t extend coverage to local chiropractors in the same manor that other insurance plans do. That way, if these soldiers don’t live near a designated military facility they could go to their local doctor, get the care that they need and still be covered for it.”

The US Military is the finest in the world, with soldiers well trained and well armed. Congress has already granted all active duty soldiers chiropractic coverage in their health care package. Here in Utah, overseas, and in 194 military stations with access to medical services, they just can’t use it.

UPDATE: Legislation Would Provide More Chiropractors at VA Centers Nationwide

Obstetricians and Chiropractors Working Together

Christopher Duncan DC
February 2007

Low back pain and pregnancy can go hand in hand.  In fact, studies show, as many as 80% of pregnant women experience low back pain.  However, just because it is common does not mean that it should be viewed as normal or untreatable.  Like back pain during pregnancy, poor eyesight is extremely common today, but we don’t just endure it.  Optometry can provide relief to those with bad eyesight.  Similarly there is effective treatment and relief for low back pain during pregnancy; it does not simply need to be endured, but that is just what is happening.  In a recent study at Yale it was found that only 32% of women report their low back pain to their healthcare provider despite the pain being so severe that it caused sleep problems and impaired their daily activities.

Because pregnant women cannot use standard medical approaches to reduce the pain, due to the possible effects on the unborn child of prescribed medication, they often do nothing.  Some providers don’t know the different ways available to treat this problem.  Some just recommend stretching and hot baths.  A few providers have discovered a way to help their patients without the use of drugs.  Obstetric physicians and midwives are increasingly utilizing chiropractic and massage therapy for their patients along with educating their patients regarding home care options that can provide relief. In conjunction with traditional medical care chiropractic and massage have been found to decrease pregnancy pains, decrease labor times, improve the quality of life while pregnant, and decrease the risk of serious complications overall.

Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body is going through drastic changes and often pain. There are many reasons for back pain during pregnancy. Most women gain between 20-35lbs during pregnancy which adds stress to joints. Hormonal changes in a woman’s body causes joint laxity, which aids in the birthing process, but also contributes to decreased support for the joints. As the dimensions of her body change so does her center of gravity. Her body is not used to this new position and her muscles attempt to compensate for the change.This can lead to muscular imbalances, increased muscle fatigue, and abnormal strain.

The largest difficulty in getting these women treatment is a lack of knowledge.  If you have poor eyesight everyone knows you go to the eye doctor.  Not everyone knows about chiropractic and what it can do for pregnant women even their care providers may not know.  Here in Utah County some doctors are trying to change that.  Working with obstetricians, midwives, and birth educators I am trying to get the word out.  I am giving lectures on pregnancy and back pain in clinics and guest speaking in childbirth education classes.  If you treat pregnant women or know someone who is pregnant do them a favor and let them know that they don’t have to suffer through the pain.  There is help.

House passes directive on chiropractic care

House passes directive on chiropractic care

May 29, 2008 — The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a directive that orders the Pentagon to make chiropractic care a standard benefit for all active-duty military personnel. The legislation is contained in H.R. 5658, a bill authorizing defense programs in fiscal year 2009, and is based in part on recommendations from the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC).

The bill — passed by the Armed Services Committee on May 14 and the full House on May 22 — also contains language allowing for chiropractic demonstration projects at overseas military locations and clarifies that chiropractic care at U.S. military facilities is to be performed only by a doctor of chiropractic.

In 2000, Congress passed and the president signed a

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similar authorization bill, which contained language calling on the secretary of defense to develop a plan to get the chiropractic benefit to all active-duty service members

To date, DC are at 49 military bases around the country; however, according to a 2005 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, only 54 percent of servicemen and women eligible for chiropractic care can reasonably access the benefit. This most recent legislation shelves the plan approach and simply states that chiropractic care is a standard healthcare benefit.

According to ACA sources, the House Armed Services committee also expressed concern that there were no doctors of chiropractic stationed at overseas military facilities.  The language contained within H.R. 5658 allows the Pentagon to conduct demonstration projects to implement chiropractic care at these sites.

Source: American Chiropractic Association,